Look at the language you are use, you're creating divisiveness and furthering the issues we already have in our society. They, them, those people...as if you are better than anyone else, or as if any one of us is better than another. Perhaps some compassion and recognition that we as a species have only gotten this far through collaboration and cooperation. The argument everyone is doing it, is absurd.

We have come a long way as a people, and when you starting creating lines of separation you become the problem and not the people who choose not to inject a substance which you are so confident is harmless.

Smoking was harmless and prescribed by doctors, so was cocaine, carbs were good and sugar was bad till 1/3 of america became obese and diabetic, and then got cancer due to lifestyle choices.

Your (N of 1) data point about being fine is ludicrous and total nonsense in scientific terms. It took decades for asbestos and lead to kill people.

The hubris and blind acceptance of unproven vaccinations is likely more dangerous to society at large than most viruses. Perhaps if people were so concerned about society and their health they would put down the cheeseburgers and milkshakes and work towards having a healthy immune system rather than expecting for a magic elixir to solve their woes. Unfortunately we live in a society hellbent on quick fixes and short cuts.

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