The Fisherman and the Net

“God’s eye view of the universe”

I have been attending these… I really don’t know what to call them, but they are more experience than event. Metaphysically it is the aligning of energies, an amplification of vibrations, a collection of intentions made electric with joy and wonder. The connection at these events is palpable when in their presence and the connection continues to resonate throghout the week when outside their direct touch. Some would call it a religious experience, but I would just say they are emotional, immersive, and meaningful gatherings that evolve weekly.

These Monday night experiences at The Pulp Fiction Building in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, have been coined #MedicinalMondays by Catlin (Insta @catlintheartist) and Nick (Insta @organicks25), the hosts of the gathering. Theys create a space for the spiritual community of South Florida to gather and connect in a gorgeous oasis, a place of serenity and acceptance. Dozens every week congregate for Yoga at 8 pm (rarely starts on time), followed by Vegan potluck dinner at 9, and then around 10 or 10:30 or so the cacao ceremony begins. Everyone piles onto the daybeds outside the beautiful beach house and surround the fire with the bubbling cacao. The hosts or guest for the night will share something with the group and then pass around the ceremonial cacao chalice as everyone is given an opportunity to share. Some people may read a poem, sing, draw, others have done improv, and many will just share their gratitude for having a place to connect with their fellow tribe, and drink the ceremonial cacao.

Pulp Fiction Building in Wynwood neighborhood of Miami.

These Medicinal Mondays foster a sense of inclusivity, ritual, acceptance, love, abundance, joy, and wonder. This magical place really casts a profound energy on anyone within reach, and its reach is certainly growing.

One night as Catlin prepared the cacao for the event, he shared how he wanted to foster the kind of community that slowed down enough to invite a friend in for tea and ask about their troubles. A community where we kept others in mind as we walked through the world, not a world where we minded and kept others. He shared how he grew up in a small town where people knew each other by name and cared about each other genuinely. As he talked I couldn't help but long for that cliché small town life, but not so much the small town life, as the big time connection with others, other people, other human beings, other beings on this wild ride we call life.

Catlin mentioned he was going to add foam to the cacao by pouring the cacao from up high in order to create bubbles after reading a story about how ancient Amazonian tribes made the cacao with foam for a reason. The liquid part of the cacao, he recounted, was prepared to nourish and feed the body whereas the bubbles or foam on top, was to signify spaciousness and meant to feed the soul.

The space, the pause, the thing in between things, that which we overlook for the other, actually makes up about 95% of our universe. Scientists call it dark matter or dark energy, its the space between you and I when we are connecting, it can’t be seen yet makes up nearly everything.

What Catlin was sharing resonated with me deeply, and as he talked about spaciousness, I found some context to a quote I recently came across:

“a net is just a bunch of holes held together by string” — Unknown Fisherman

Originally I found it interesting from a “what’s possible” perspective, where we can get creative about how we see, describe, or interpret things.

But in that moment, that quote took on new meaning to me. Lets presuppose that conventional wisdom is right and the universe is mostly dark matter or what we could call a hole or many holes in the net; that which we cannot see, feel, or touch. Now, imagine that we are the strings, then logic would dictate that the only way to keep this whole universe, our net, in tact and thriving, is to hold on to each other with all that we’ve got. Hold on to our family, hold on to our friends, hold on to those people who are dear to you, and hold on to those who aren’t yet, as it takes many to cast as wide a net as possible.

There are some well known studies done on cities, called Blue Zones, with the highest concentrations of centenarians, people of or beyond 100 years of age. Researchers studied their diet, genetics, lifestyle, and environment amongst other variables and found that one thing correlated more than any of the other traditional factors. Better longevity and overall health was highly correlated with having a strong social network and sense of community, including family and friends. So connection isn’t just good for our spirits, but it is necessary for optimal health and wellness.

Having said that, it is clear that we must connect and hold onto people, our friends, those that matter to us, and realize that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience. For if we do not, then this “Net” that is “our Universe” of which “We” are the collective fabric, shall certainly come undone.

Real connection always trumps digital connections or so called “social” media.

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Bio-Hacker, Writer, Movement Scientist and Nutrition Specialist. High Performance Coach and Wellness Companion — DM for free consult FB & Insta: AlchemistofLife

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Dima David Lozovsky

Dima David Lozovsky

Bio-Hacker, Writer, Movement Scientist and Nutrition Specialist. High Performance Coach and Wellness Companion — DM for free consult FB & Insta: AlchemistofLife

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